The Church "In The Cloud" Blog

Develop the simple.
Ask the good questions.
Produce what is hands on and what can be replicated.
What can you easily market?
Make time to create ideas.
have a notebook and write down everything.
Monetize your ideas.
Have a blog.
Create a YouTube channel.
Become a social connector and networker.
Have a camera.
Be an expert at something.
Don’t follow the crowd for its usually wrong.
Become a virtual assistant.
Stop listening to the media and politicians.
Solutions, solutions, solutions. Be a solution creator
Reinvent yourself.
TV is a waste of time. read a lot instead. Cutting edge life
Become a lateral thinker.
Put method to achieve rather than getting incremental knowledge.
Leverage methods.
Take big things and deconstruct into smaller doable things.
create functional things.
Develop the gift within.


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