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This is the next seminar that I am working on. I will be teaching it in Miami starting January 2015.

 Identity and Being: Who We Are In Christ

The creation of a supernatural humanity.

Our being, or consciousness, is the reality of who we are in heaven and not a product of our thoughts and feelings. Dr. Joe Dizpena

Governed strictly by the Word of God and not by what can be seen.

A righteousness consciousness vs. a sin consciousness.

A child of God DNA consciousness vs. an earthy genealogy DNA consciousness

A son/ adoption consciousness vs. a fear/ bondage consciousness.

Having the “God man” consciousness vs. a “me” consciousness.

Living in the present from the future rather than in the present from our past.

What Happens At the New Birth?

  • Watchman Nee’ illustration of being In “The Book.”
  • What six events is the person baptized into when “born…

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