We’re all up and running! Took a little while with the digging and then moving that fiberglass mold in… but it sure was worth it.

I also sprang for a salt water pump and I’ve got heaters for it as well.

Pretty sweet rig, don’t you think?

Anyway, Samantha and I are having a little shindig this weekend so you guys can stay over if you like.

This software was really a godsend – $34,000 in one month! Check it out…

This is just the tip of the iceberg but, plain and simple… it’s a nightmare.

We long ago discovered that this is just a ridiculous way to do business, and that’s why we’ve developed our own BROKER NETWORK!

How does it work?

Well, for starters, we’ve partnered with over 20 different brokerages that agreed to conform to our standards of operation. One of which is that a potential depositor should never stay in a call queue for more than 30 seconds.

Now those are some pretty strict standards!